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innocent drinks

I was lucky enough to meet some very nice people back in 1999 and helped create what is today one of the UK’s leading and growing brands – innocent. I worked in house and freelance for them for a couple of years creating their look and feel and designing their various identities, smoothie and juice packaging ranges, website, vans and brand communications..



Identity cocepts created at Siegel Gale for Romteleceom who were looking to rebrand. Evera was to signal a new era in communications and a new standard of customer experience – with bold ideas, reliable solutions and a fresh attitude. Association with ‘spring’,‘involved’, ‘bold’, ‘fresh’, ‘reliable’ and ‘innovative’ were to correspond with the changes Romtelecom were trying to communicate. In all instances, the typography or symbol of the logotype was to reflect the notion of ‘the power to make things happen’ – the core of the Evera brand strategy.



Logo and type design for a hair salon base in Cape Town


uae charity foundation

Identities created for a pitch with London branding agency Rareform for a new United Arab Emirates Charity Foundation.


dolce digital satellite tv

Identity and Branding I created with Siegel Gale for Romteleceom who wanted to launchh a Sattelite TV offering. Dolce means ‘sweet’ in Italian. The logo and tone of voice of Dolce clebrated variety and richness through strong use of vivid colours, layers and the soft roundeness of type to imply a sense a indulgence with the tagline “enjoy a richer life”. The Dolce launched successfully and won a Bronze DBA Design Effectiveness Award for brand identity.



Identity design concepts created at The Graphic Ballroom for Infinity a property development site project in Cape Town.


snowball online democratic party

Creative identity routes for a new online democratic party done at Provokateur. Unfortunately we ran into problems regarding the name, but we still managed to put forward a few directions around the strap line ‘Democracy in Action’ and people being more involved in politics, debate and voting.



Identity design concepts created at Provokateur for online website that helped create discussion around peace initiatives and share stories to bring about unity.


Logo Marks 1

Various Identities I created. Graylink – Business recruitment software. Mischcon Associates – Architects & Designers. Pentagram – Motor Retail Investors. – Fashion UK. Nuspace – New Urban Housing Development. Mapminder – Online mapping. Thinkpod – Design Agency. Insights Coaching – Coaching and Leadership. Trapeze – Teaching.


Logo Marks 2

Various Identities I created. Bread & Butter – Designers Retail Store. Exigent – Business Software Solutions. Riot – Communication Agency. SACD – South Africa Container Depot. DF – DJ Dean Fuel.


Logo Marks 3

Various Identities I created. Prestige – Inflatable speed boats. CHOXI+ – Chocolate. Camilla Fraser Soft – Underwear Designer. Snake & Dagger – Fashion Brand. YPS – Yeovil Plumbing Services. KEY-2 – VIP members key. Massage Central – Therapeutic Massage


veropharm pharmacuticals

Creative identities directions for a Russian pharmacutical brand done at Rareform Agency.


38 degrees online democratic party

Creative identity routes for a new online democratic party done at Provokateur to get people being more involved in politics, debate and voting. 38 degrees is the trigger angle that avalanches start from.



Identity routes for a exclusive safari accommodation camp in Tanzania.


essensei air conditioning

Identity options created at Mystery Design for UK air conditioning manufacturers and installers.


britvic drinks brand

Creative identity directions created at Corporate Edge for UK drinks brand Britivic.


the cape wind farm

Various identity design directions created for a pitch for Saachi & Saachi, Cape Town. The client – Cape Town’s potential new wind farm.


france productions

Identity directions for a leading production company in Cape Town. The girls wanted pink. .


blurb pr agency

Creative identity directions for a small start up PR Agency.


crust lane & davis solicitors

Identity directions for London based group of solicitors.


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