innocent drinks

I was lucky enough to meet some very nice people back in 1999 and helped create what is today one of the UK’s leading and growing brands – innocent. I worked in house and freelance for them for a couple of years creating their look and feel and designing their various identities, smoothie and juice packaging ranges, website, vans and brand communications.



Identity and Branding concepts created i created at Siegel Gale for Romteleceom who were looking to rebrand. Evera was to signal a new era in communications and a new standard of customer experience – with bold ideas, reliable solutions and a fresh attitude. Association with ‘spring’,‘involved’, ‘bold’, ‘fresh’, ‘reliable’ and ‘innovative’ were to correspond with the changes Romtelecom were trying to communicate. In all instances, the typography or symbol of the logotype was to reflect the notion of ‘the power to make things happen’ – the core of the Evera brand strategy.



Identity and Branding I created with Siegel Gale for Romteleceom who wanted to launchh a Sattelite TV offering. Dolce means ‘sweet’ in Italian. The logo and tone of voice of Dolce clebrated variety and richness through strong use of vivid colours, layers and the soft roundeness of type to imply a sense a indulgence with the tagline “enjoy a richer life”. The Dolce launched successfully and won a Bronze DBA Design Effectiveness Award for brand identity 2007.


missing people

Identity and campaign pitch created with agency Provokateur for Missing People. Missing people wanted to direct runaway children to there dedicated helpline.


riot agency

A friend of mine approached me to brand his own communications agency. I created the identity and brochure including photography and illustration. The brochure concept was to use propaganda style posters to convey the key offers of the agency in their ‘Riot Act’ manifesto. The posters were printed and shot on the streets of Cape Town.



Tap was a self initiated campaign and ethical business created by Provokateur to get people off drinking nasty bottled water, save money and help save the planet. Myself along a with another designer created all the packaging, branding look and feel, lovely bottle stickers and website.


4r planet

Naming, identity and brand language created at Provokatuer for client – Adventure Ecology. 4RPLANET was a campaign and educational material directed to kids at school to inspire them to reuse, reduce, recycle and rethink to help save the planet.


monkey shoulder

Branding look and feel, guidelines, launch invitation and campaign concepts created at Mystery design agency for client – William Grant & Sons. Monkey Shoulder wanted to lively up the old image of whisky into more of a ‘bourbourn brand’. I helped to distill their strategy into that of a ‘Triple Malt Whisky’. Unlike other whisky blends, Monkey Shoulder is made of three single malts. This lead to the concept of three friends or groups in the campaign ideas.



Trapeze a direct client, was a private school of teachers that offered extra curriculam classes for kids after their normal school day. I created their identity, brochure, website and all their marketing material. It was rather fun illustrating for them too.


the dorchester bar

Brand design routes presented to The Dorchester Bar before it launched. The directions were inspired by the red spike like glass sculptures in the bar. Unfortunately the didn’t end up doing anything with their branding, but really liked the directions I put forward.


arx – piet de bier

I was approached by one of South Africa’s most well respected architects to create his identity and brand his stationary.


south africa container depot

I created the the identity and brand for South Africa Container depot who manage all the countries container port depots, storage and logisitcs with Riot communications agency.


nakheel – palm islands

Working at Dragon Brands for client, Dubai developers – Nakheel. I worked on the brand architecture and created the identities, brand look and feel for the major Palm island developments.


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