ACME Climate Action

A inspirational create solution to tackle climate change

I was fortunate enough to work on a once in a lifetime project with ethical design agency Provokateur. Working alongside the genius, company director Joshua Blackburn we brainstormed and got busy in creating a book and website with a difference to inspire people into doing something about climate change in a fun and active way. Published by 4th Estate. This isn’t a book to read in bed, but a book to get busy with… to tear, stick, share, post, assemble, inspire and activate. It has stickers for your light switches and home appliances, letters to send to troublesome politicians and companies, inspiring posters for your home and office, a ‘carbon wheel’ to calculate your footprint, a home energy audit, labels to re-use your envelopes, DIY ideas to give your throwaways a new lease of life, postcards to spread the word, a natty notebook cover for some creative recycling, a tear out book to share with your friends… and much more. Even the front and back cover are designed to be re-purposed into a tasteful picture frame.


ACME climate action tearaway book

A tear away book containing the essential ACME Climate Action manifesto designed to inform, inspire, be passed around and most importantly get everyone motivated to do something about the problem.



A selection of postcards from the book and website.



A selection of postcards from the book and website.



A selection of postcards from the book and website.


Lovely Stickers

The entire book started when we created some stickers to give to our clients. We like stickers.


Loyalty Cards

Spoof loyalty cards for those who recycle, shop local and use alternative climate friendly means of transport.


Selection of book artwork

A office poster that I illustrated for work. A carbon wheel counter and suggestions of how to offset or reduce you carbon footprint. And some other bits.


ACME Climate Action Website animation films

I created and animated a couple of animations films to inspire ten people to do just one small thing to collectively reduce their carbon footprint.


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